Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Expert advice

During last year's PRSSA National Conference I had the opportunity to join several of my fellow PRSSA members in going to dinner with Richard Edelman, president and CEO at Edelman, the world's only independent global PR firm.

I was impressed with his breadth of knowledge and insight into PR, but more especially his understanding of the new communications tools (i.e. blogs, social media, etc.). He asked us alot of questions and gave us some great advice. Because of my interaction with him I started reading his blog. It is really informative and I highly recommend it to any PR professional. I realize, of course, that Edelman has had some recent ethical problems, but I do not believe, however, that these few incidents automatically indicate Edelman is an unethical company.

Anyway, check out Richard Edelman's blog. The blog is titled 6 a.m.

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Nikki said...

Hey Adam,

I, too, have created a blog for my final public relations class. I stumbled across your's through Technorati.

It is so amazing that you got to have lunch with Richard Edelman! I was wondering if you got any really good advice from him. I'm always interested in hearing what professionals have to say to students.

Thanks and great blog!