Thursday, March 6, 2008

A great explanation of Twitter

If you've never seen the "Plain English" videos on Common Craft, I highly recommend you check them out. While the folks at Common Craft have done a number of these videos on varying subjects, I suggest checking out the Plain English videos on blogs, social networks, RSS, social bookmarking, wikis and online photo sharing. We've used these videos here at GM in social media training sessions with our PR colleagues. Common Craft does an amazing job of taking something that appears very complex and simplifying it to the point where anyone can understand it. I used these videos to understand RSS and social bookmarking, two concepts that I could never quite figure out before.

The most recent video is a great explanation of what Twitter is, and how it can be used. Check it out below:


Sherry said...

That series of video casts is fantastic. Our tutor showed “wikis” and “RSS” ones to us, which are really helpful to me. More and more people are now kind of fed up with reading long articles introducing these new technologies, especially to those who are not familiar with those technical terms. These videos are very clear, easy to understand. They contribute a lot to PR people to quick understand new social media technologies and how they work.

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