Tuesday, August 14, 2007

PRSA to Explore Certification of Public Relations Professionals

A recent story on the PRSA Web site revealed that PRSA is organizing a task force to explore the feasibility of certifying public relations professionals. The organization offers an accrediation program (APR) that PR professionals can strive for, but nothing like certification currently exists for the PR professional.

I am in support of certifying PR professionals. PR is becoming a field that many think doesn't take much knowledge to work in. I recently went through the job application process and found a number of administrative assistant jobs whose duties included PR. Public relations should not be part of a list of job duties, it's a job in and of itself.

PR certification will help to ensure that PR regains and maintains credibility as a profession.

Read the whole article here.


Anonymous said...

You are right. In many countries, PR is often treated like non-professional job.

There are also alot of people who are not trained in communications doing "PR" jobs. I find that sometimes, this lowers the standard.

Anonymous said...

I am actually part of a group which is working on creating a certification program for the PR industry. If anyone would like to discuss this or be on our Advisory Board please email me at rich4495@aol.com.